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 God/Regular Quests

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Posts : 90
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PostSubject: God/Regular Quests   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:52 am

God Quests

Defense God (Aluwen) Quest

Quest results: After the first two, you are worship level 0, after each more you get +4% defense experience.
After quest 4 you can get healed for free in the Temple
After quest 5 you can get blessed for 25gc in the Temple
After 7 quests you are a member and get 20% more defense experience!

Priest: Noria Morcraven Marsh Temple [63,84]

Items needed to finish the quest:

1) 20 Wooden Shields
2) 120 Body Restoration Potions
3) 500gp
4) 60 Red Snake Skins
5) 40 Titanium Bars
6) 1 Titanium Short Sword
7) 500 Coal

Manufacturing God (Gillin) Quest

+8 to Manu Skill (subtracts 1 every mintue after the blessing until you go back to normal)and 20% more manufacturing experience

Priest: Baostas Nordcarn Temple [10,150]

Items needed to finish the quest:

1) 150 Rat Tails- storage
2) 100 Beaver Furs- storage
3) 30 Leather Pants-storage
4) 300 Rubies- storage
5) 500 Bones- storage
6) 1 Titanium Chain Armour- Bring with you
7) 1 Titanium Serpent Sword- Bring with you

Crafting God (Glydoc) Quest

+10 to Craft Skill (subtracts 1 every mintue after the blessing until you go back to normal) 2000 crafting experience and 20% more manufacturing experience

Priest: Durnam Tarsengaard [322,58]
(How to enter: click on the diamond)

Items needed to finish the quest:
1) 150 Rabbit Furs (Brown)- Storage
2) 1 Wood Staff,- Bring with you (I think)
3) 1 Quarter Staff, & 1 Iron Shield- Bring with you (I think)
4) 150 Magic Essences- Storage
5) 40 Fox Furs- Storage
6) 100 Gold Bars- Storage
7) 200 sulfur- Storage

Attack God (Mortos) Quest

+15 to Attack Skill (subtracts 1 every mintue after the blessing until you go back to normal) 20000 attack experience and 20% more attack experience

Priest: Dirhyan Naralik Catacombs coords [21,83]

Items needed to finish the quest:
1) 300 Bones- In Storage
2) 50 Deer Antlers- In Storage
3) 100 Leather Gloves- In Storage
4) 100 Silver Bars- In Storage
5) 40 Iron Swords- In Storage and the 20,000xp!
6) 200 Attack Potions- In Storage
7) 5 Steel Chain Armours- In Storage

Summoning God (Selain) Quest

20% more summoning experience

Priest: Sylpho White Stone, Tirnwood Vale [249,355]
(How to enter: click on the little island in the middle of the lake)

Items needed to finish the quest:

1) 150 Raw Meat
2) 500 Sulphur
3) 100 Rabbit Furs (Brown)
4) 25 Rabbit Furs (White)
5) 250 Life Essences
6) 300 Gold Coins
7) 50 Puma Furs

Magic God (Unolas) Quest

+8 to Magic Skill (subtracts 1 every mintue after the blessing until you go back to normal)20% more magic experience

Priest: Adrian located in Vermor Castle Basement (How to enter: click on the rug next to teleport pad with 'use' icon. NOTE: teleport to range spell is needed 6 times.) You can also get there using just items and no magic, the way to do that is posted in our secrets thread in general chat.

Items needed to finish the quest:

1) 2 Leather Pants
2) 5 Leather Boots
3) 1 Iron Helm
4) 4 Steel Shields
5) 500 Coal
6) 1,000 Rose Quartz
7) 100 Gold Bars
Regular quests

Tutorial NPC Quest

Quest result - free iron sword, leather torso, leather helm

1. Talk to the Tutorial NPC near Wraith
2. Go to the Bar in Isla Prima, click on the use icon then click on the bar, if it doesnt work then keep on clicking until you get it.
3. Then you need to go to Whitestone via the docks and go to all 4 bars there and click on them
4. After your done with that go back to the tutorial npc and you can start the next part
5. Secondly you need to harvest at least one of each type of flower in isla prima, the locations of the ones that are wanted are near these coordinates ([59,34],[67,35],[24,148], [92,166], [135,70]
6. When you have at least one of each of these flowers go to the valley of the dwarves to put all the flowers into storage
7. The last part of this quest is a little harder if youre completely new, you need to get 10 rabbit furs and 10 beaver furs
8. Once you get them bring them back to the npc and you will be done with this quest and get a handy reward as well.
Past Quest
1. Go to the Magic Shop in Nordcarn2. Talk to the lady there
3. She will ask you to bring her 10 rose quartz..you can either buy it from someone or read and research the books to harvest it yourself
4. Bring the rose quartz to her and she will tell you about your past
Wine Quest

Quest result - cheaper wine from winery in Morcraven Marsh

1. To start, talk to Latis in the Winery Store in the Southern Fort in Morcraven Marsh. (289, 60)
2. Find Baris in the back room of Portland Storage and speak to him.
3. Go back to talk to Latis, he says he can’t pay the debt
4. Then go to Portland Library, talk to Drial there. He tells you about his friend. (197, 106)
5. Go to Nordcarn and talk to Morumi, who is sitting outside the Magic Shop. Speak to him about irrigation. (111, 69)
6. Go back and talk to Drial again
7. Go back and talk to Morumi again
8. Go to Tahraji Cave. (369, 20) When inside, walk over both bridges, there is a skeleton with a book in his hand. (101, 92)Click the book, it should tell you to return to Morumi.
9. Morumi tells you to put 80 sulphur, 30 coal, and 20 silver bars into your Storage. When finished, talk to Morumi again and tell him you have them
10. Go back to Latis in Morcraven Marsh. He tells you the debt is paid
11. Now go speak to Baris at Portland Storage about Latis’ father
12. Now go back to Latis and speak to him
Tankel’s Daughter
Quest result - Tankel fixes broken weapons and armor

1. In Morcraven Marsh, talk to Tankel (south of the road to White Stone). He will tell you that his daughter is ill and there is only one person who may be able to help her.
2. Find Edlera in the swamp ( west of Fort Hallgan) and ask her about Tankel’s daughter. She will need more information.
3. Go back to Tankel and ask him about Kelcha’s past.
4. Return to Edlera and tell her about Kelcha’s past. She will suggest that yellow roses will help Kelcha.
5. Gather 10 yellow roses (Desert Pines - south of the docks, is one of many locations). Go back to Tankel and enter his house. Place the roses at the feet of Kelcha. She will momentarily awaken and remember her diary.
6. Exit the house and ask Tankel about his daughter. He will mention that she was found near the Naralik Catacombs.
7. Go to Naralik and climb down the ladder into the catacombs. Head south through the arch. In the corner to the southeast is Kelcha’s diary. Click the ‘use’ icon and read the diary.
8. Return to Edlera and tell her about the curse on Kelcha. She will tell you to offer 30 minor healing potions to Mortos so that he will remove the curse.
9. Bring the 30 healing potions to the statue west of the catacomb entrance. Place them on the south side of the statue and ‘use’ the statue. The curse is lifted.
10. Go to Tankel and inquire how his daughter is doing. Also, agree to offer his apologies to Edlera. Tankel is available to repair equipment.
Tankel’s Daughter Quest Continued
Quest result - Kelcha will sell you cheap leather

1. While at Tankel’s, go back in and see Kelcha. She will mention parts of a dream she had. Kelcha says that she will sell leather below the store price
2. Go once again to Edlera and offer Tankel’s apology. Ask her about Kelcha’s dream, and she will send you to gather a flower that looks like a White Asiatic Lilly but only grows on a small piece of land surrounded by water.
3. Travel to Lakeside Village and go to the small island in the lake. ‘Use’ the flower to pick one. (632,208)
4. Bring the flower to Kelcha and ask her to try this. She will relate the rest of her dream.

Sidenote: if you have problems to pick the flower and harvest cursor apperars instead of use icon do the following thing.
1. Move the file harvestable. lst from EL directory to desktop
2. Restart EL
3. Harvest the flower using the “Use” cursor
4. A message (written in cyan appears and tells you that you picked a flower that is now in your pocket)
5. Close EL
6. Put the file harvestable.lst back in your EL directory
7. Restart EL
8. Bring the flower to Kelcha and ask her to try this. She will relate the rest of her dream.
Old Lady Quest
Quest result - 1k manu experience and 1 pair of leather boots

Items Needed:

3 Healing Potions
1 Needle
1 Fox Scarf

NPC’s involved:

Mrs. Lorpak - Isla Prima: [74,150]
Adnama - Forest of the Fall: [611,708]
Victor - White Stone City: [91,716]

1. Go to Mrs. Lorpak in a house on Isla Prima.
2. Go to Adnama in the Forest of the Fall.
3. Go back to Mrs. Lorpak after you’ve given the needle.
4. Go to Victor is White Stone City and get the fox scarf plans.
5. Go back to Mrs. Lorpak.
6. After making a fox scarf go back to Adnama and show her.
7. Go back to Mrs. Lorpak.
The Crafting Disciple’s Quest

Quest result - 1500 crafting experience, 1 Portland Ring, 2 VotD Rings and 2 Dissengagement Rings

Items Needed:

1 Book of Silver Smelting
5 Silver Rings

1. Talk to NPC Christopher (at lakeside docks, 557, 192).
2. Go to magic school in Tarsengaard and talk to Itilli the bookseller (bring book of silver smelting with you, she will ask for it).
3. Go back and talk to Christopher again.
4. Go to Portland library and talk to Drial (librarian).
5. Go to Fort Caladak(Morcraven Marsh) and go in tent there. Find an open book and click on it (”use” icon).
6. Go back to Portland library and talk to Drial again, he will translate.
7. Go to Fortan (at rear of house by bridge near flower shop, 160, 221). Talk to him and give him 5 plain silver rings.
8. Go and talk to Christopher again.
9. Talk to Fortan again.
10. Talk to Christopher again.
11. Go and talk to Fortan again.
Journey of Knowledge [Wraith quest]
Note: You must complete the Past Quest before you can do this one.

Quest result: 1k extra xp points on a skill of your choice
You must visit these people in this order:

Start - Wraith
Tobias - White Stone: Tirnwood Vale [203,342]
Kalana - Desert Pines: Corren [225,350]

(She will tell you to go to Eladria’s Temple in Evergreen Forest and touch the center tree, then return to her. That means, explore and find to find the temple. No whinning!)

Nyelrd - Portland [95,56]
Erokin - Valley Of Tthe Dwarfs [19,25]
Koki - Nordcarn - [131,73]
Rosalyn - Tarsengaard: Magic School - apprentice room: right hallway, 2nd door.
Tankel - Morcraven Marsh [291,240]
Potion’s Quest
Quest result: USED TO GIVE 2k pot xp, 1 great healing and 1 extra mana, you no longer get the potions, and you may or may not get the xp… please let us know if you complete the quest what your result was.

You need 10 heath pots and 15 mana pots.
Talk with Reca in Tavern on IP.
Talk to Christopher (WS 553,187) and give him 10 healing pots.
Talk to Michael (VotD general store).
Talk to Erokin (VotD 17,27).
Talk to Liliana (NC general store) and give her 15 mana pots.
Talk to Brogan (PL book seller).
Back to Erokin.
Back to Reca on IP

A little note on Potions Quest
You need to complete Crafting Disciple’s Quest before you can start this one
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PostSubject: Re: God/Regular Quests   Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:47 am

The Crafting Disciple's Quest: You Don't have to talk to Fortan the last time to finish the quest. Once you are a certain (I am too low aparently lol) crafting level Fortan will teach you how to make a ring of power.

The Potions Quest: Reca gives you nothing but her ETERNAL GRATITUDE. A waste of 25 potions if you ask me ^_^

Wine Quest: I'm not sure what the correct order is, but it seems steps 3-6 got a little mixed up. And the Mayor's name is Bais Very Happy
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Posts : 90
Join date : 2008-07-30
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: God/Regular Quests   Sat Sep 06, 2008 3:33 pm

the wine quest is in order, and you can get wine cheaper for doing it. and yeah, the potions quest is some bull when u finish it, u used to get xp, but it was changed somewhere along the way
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PostSubject: Re: God/Regular Quests   

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God/Regular Quests
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