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 Hydro Ore Guide

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PostSubject: Hydro Ore Guide   Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:28 pm

[center]Hydro guide

Before you even think of harvesting hydro:

-You will need to be able to teleport to range!
-You will need to read the Book of Hydrogenium -5000 Gold Coins, sold by Arduk, in Naralik (126,66), as well as the Book of Metallurgy and the Book of Metal Mining.
-You need the adequate inorganic nexus too! (6)

Getting ready for the trip:

You need to get...

Pickaxes (at least a couple or 3 of them)
Steel Two Edged Sword (one sword per ore). They are non stackable.
HEs, SRs, TP rings, Ess for TP to range
-You should have good EMU, as you can see-

What to expect on your way:
2-3 PK maps, yetis and fluffies, Cold, Heat, and Radiation damage areas.

Our destination:
Imbroglio Islands, Moglo Island

Getting there:
It's hard to get there without guidance for the first time. It is highly recommended to be helped by a guildie or friend. Here goes a little outline of what you should do/find:

----> Go to Idaloran docks and get to Irinveron
----> Then go to Iscalrith 199,80
----> Go to Isle of the forgotten, finger click at an igloo
----> Then to Imbroglio Islands ----> finger click at an igloo
---->----> PK area
----> Go to Vengeance (get inside cave)
----> Teleport to range
----> When you get out of the cave, you'll be at a PK area
----> another cave waiting for you, getting out of it takes you to another PK map
----> Fluffies and PK
----> Hydro area
----> Teleport ----> (3 skulls teleport place)
----> Pk map
----> heat damage
----> maze (get the maps for the mazes from el-cel maps, or from Bloodsucker's maps).
----> Tele to the rock
----> from there fast to the other side
----> Teleport from stairs to a broken wall in magma
----> teleport once again
----> Zoom in the skull, point click on the back of the skull head. If you don't do it right you'd get back to the maze.
----> Teleport twice
----> Use the ring and essences while you harvest (radiation damage), and maybe a CoL too
----> You can only get out by teleporting, otherwise you'll find artic chimmies on the way.


Hydro bars:

Each Hydro Bar uses:

Main ingreds:
Hydrogenium Ores
Fire Essences

Hydro ores ingreds:
Steel 2 Edges

Steel 2 edges ingreds:
Iron Bar
Steel Bar
Fire Essences

Reduced to Basic ingreds the Hydro ore uses:
coal (for all bars)
Fire essence (for all bars and swords)
Iron Ore (for all)

I hope you found some of this information useful.
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Hydro Ore Guide
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